Heartbreak Hotel

Ahhh… Montreal. The cobblestone streets, amazing food, fine fashion, nifty cultural opportunities, and the occasional infuriating hotel. This past weekend, I journeyed to one of my favorite vacation destinations: Montreal. Thankfully, there were no dwarves on this trip; however the weekend was slightly soured by our hotel. We stayed at the Centre Sheraton which was lovely. The lobby was spacious, the room was big and well appointed, and the staff was polite and attentive. The only problem was that we couldn’t sleep. Details, right? Take a look at the photo below and see if you can spot an issue (hint: there are two).

The curtain of doom.....

The curtain of doom…..

If you guessed that the lack of floor length curtains ensures that the room is SUPER BRIGHT at 6AM, Congratulations! You should consider a career in designing hotel rooms. You’re already light-years ahead of current designers! Shockingly, that tiny little half curtain not fully covering the window area let in TONS of light when the sun rose and shined directly into the room.

The other issue was more auditory than visual. You see that temperature control unit located beneath the window? Instead of attempting to maintain a temperature through incrementally adjusting the air flow, this unit had two settings: not cooling the room, and supercharged A/C. The result was that the A/C unit would turn on and blow extremely cold air for about 10 minutes, and then it would die. Actually, it would shut off. But in doing so, the unit made a noise similar to emphysemic camel in its death throes. Needless to say, it was difficult to sleep through.

We evaluated the situation after our (sleepless) first night and determined that this was not something the hotel could fix. The curtain issue was a permanent problem and the A/C unit functioned fine, it was just annoying. As a dedicated Starwood fan, it pains me when one of their hotels doesn’t measure up. Most of the time the hotels are fantastic. But every now and then, you stay somewhere and wonder “Why? Why would they ever think that was a good idea?”

Unfortunately, lack of sleep put a mild damper on some of the weekend’s activities. On the plus side, now I know not to deviate from The Westin, my typical hotel in Montreal. So unless you are a very heavy sleeper, or take copious amounts of sleeping medication, I would probably skip the Sheraton and stay elsewhere.

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